3 papers accepted to ICRA 2021!

Three papers got accepted in ICRA2021, whose topics will be directly extended in the context of the iROSA project. Accepted papers: Tosatto, S.; Chalvatzaki, G.; Peters, J. (2021). Contextual Latent-Movements Off-Policy Optimization for Robotic Manipulation Skills, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA).   See Details BibTeX Reference Li, Q.; Chalvatzaki, G.; Peters, J.;Continue reading “3 papers accepted to ICRA 2021!”

Orientation Attentive Robotic Grasp Synthesis with Augmented Grasp Map Representation

Abstract: Inherent morphological characteristics in objects may offer a wide range of plausible grasping orientations that obfuscates the visual learning of robotic grasping. Existing grasp generation approaches are cursed to construct discontinuous grasp maps by aggregating annotations for drastically different orientations per grasping point. Moreover, current methods generate grasp candidates across a single direction inContinue reading “Orientation Attentive Robotic Grasp Synthesis with Augmented Grasp Map Representation”