Making robots useful parts of our society

Professorship for Dr. Georgia Chalvatzaki Since February, Georgia Chalvatzaki has been assistant professor for “Intelligent Robotic Systems for Assistance” at the Department of Computer Science. Chalvatzaki has been leading the iROSA research group since 2021 as part of the Emmy Noether Programme of the German Research Foundation. Previously, the 33-year-old researcher was a postdoctoral researcherContinue reading “Making robots useful parts of our society”

Co-Chair in IEEE WIE-RAS

Georgia will be serving as a co-chair of the IEEE RAS Women in Engineering group, along with Chair Karinne Ramirez Amaro and co-Chair Daniel Leidner. The Women in Engineering – RAS (WIE-RAS) group was formed by the Member Activities Board (MAB) to inspire, engage and advance women in Robotics and Automation. The WIE committee organizesContinue reading “Co-Chair in IEEE WIE-RAS”

AI Newcomer 2021

AI Newcomer 2021 of the category technical and engineering science is Dr. Georgia Chalvatzaki! “AI advances robotic research for developing intelligent agents that interact safely and assist humans” – Georgia Chalvatzaki Article in German by TU Darmstadt press news: KICamp21 @GeorgiaChal

Nomination for the AI Newcomer award

BMBF and German Informatics Society (GI) are currently organizing the KI-Camp 2021 on April 27, 2021. The KI-Camp is a transdisciplinary research convention for young scientists, professionals and artists of all disciplines under 35 years of age working on and with Artificial Intelligence. Seven parallel theme tracks with top-class representatives from research, economy and societyContinue reading “Nomination for the AI Newcomer award”