Master Thesis/Job@DLR: Cross-platform Benchmark of Robot Grasp Planning

Grasp planning is one of the most challenging tasks in robot manipulation. Apart from perception ambiguity, the grasp robustness and the successful execution rely heavily on the dynamics of the robotic hands. The student is expected to research and develop benchmarking environments and evaluation metrics for grasp planning. The development in simulation environments as ISAACContinue reading “Master Thesis/Job@DLR: Cross-platform Benchmark of Robot Grasp Planning”

Job Post: Ph.D. Student Position @ iROSA

The newly founded Intelligent Robotics for Assistance (iROSA) group, led by Dr. Georgia Chalvatzaki, in cooperation with the Intelligent Autonomous Systems Lab (IAS) at the Technical University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt)  is seeking a Ph.D. student with a strong interest in the following research topic:  Robot Learning Task and Motion Planning of Long-horizon (mobile) manipulationContinue reading “Job Post: Ph.D. Student Position @ iROSA”