Open positions at the iROSA group!

We are currently actively looking for:

  • Ph.D. students at pay level E13 TV-L,
  • Postdocs at pay level E13/E14 TV-L,
  • a Robotics Engineer with the prospect of permanent position starting at pay level E12 TV-L, and
  • research assistants (HiWis) with experience in robotics (applicable only to students at TU Darmstadt).

See more info: https://irosalab.com/open-positions/

Applications are accepted only through the form in this link.

Our policy is first-come first-served!

Three papers accepted at ICRA2023!

We had three papers accepted at ICRA2023

SE(3)-DiffusionFields: Learning smooth cost functions for joint grasp and motion optimization through diffusion, by Julen Urain De Jesus, Niklas Wilhelm Funk, Jan Peters, Georgia Chalvatzaki

Safe reinforcement learning of dynamic high-dimensional robotic tasks: navigation, manipulation, interaction, by Puze Liu, Kuo Zhang, Davide Tateo, Snehal Jauhri, Zhiyuan Hu, Jan Peters, Georgia Chalvatzaki

Hierarchical Policy Blending as Inference for Reactive Robot Control, by Kay Hansel, Julen Urain De Jesus, Jan Peters, Georgia Chalvatzaki 

Talk: “Real” robots prefer priors and structure — RSS2022 workshop on Scaling Robot Learning

You can watch Georgia’s talk at the RSS2022 workshop on Scaling Robot Learning online!

And the very interesting panel discussion with George Konidaris, Aleksandra Faust, Oliver Kroemer and Georgia at:

Keynote speaker at IROS 2022

Georgia will deliver a keynote speech at IROS 2022 in Kyoto, Japan, on the 26th of October at 13:30 JST!

Here are the details of the talk.

Title: Shaping Robotic Assistance through Structured Robot Learning

Abstract: Future intelligent robotic assistants are expected to perform various tasks in unstructured and human-inhabited environments. These robots should support humans in everyday activities as personal assistants or collaborate with them in work environments like hospitals and warehouses. In this talk, I will briefly describe my research works for robotic assistants to help and support humans in need, developing specific human-robot interaction behaviors combining classical robotics and machine learning approaches. I will then explain how mobile manipulation robots are currently the most promising solution among embodied AI systems, thanks to their body structure and sensorial equipment for learning to execute a series of assistive tasks. On top of this, I will point out some key challenges that hinder autonomous mobile manipulation for intelligent assistance and discuss how structured robot learning can pave the way toward generalizable robot behaviors. Structured robot learning refers to all learning methods at the intersection of classical robotics and machine learning that aim to leverage structure in data and algorithms to scale robot behaviors to complex tasks. Finally, this talk will give insights into how my team and I leverage structured representations, priors, and task descriptions together with learning and planning in some challenging (mobile) manipulation tasks in our path for creating general-purpose intelligent robotic assistants.

6 Papers accepted @IROS2022

We got 6 papers accepted in #IROS22 at Kyoto! Well done to our students of the Computer Science, TU Darmstadt and our collaborators for this success!

1. “Robot Learning of Mobile Manipulation with Reachability Behavior Priors” by Snehal Jauhri Jan Peters and me accepted to RAL+IROS. Check: https://lnkd.in/esQpVmuV

2. “Graph-based Reinforcement Learning meets Mixed Integer Programs: An application to 3D robot assembly discovery” by Niklas Wilhelm Funk S. Menzenbach, Jan Peters and me. Check: https://lnkd.in/eNue6X2P

3. “Active Exploration for Robotic Manipulation” by T. Schneider, Boris Belousov, Diego Romeres Devesh Jha Jan Peters and me. Check: https://lnkd.in/ebiH5Z72

4. “Regularized Deep Signed Distance Fields for Reactive Motion Generation” by P. Liu, K. Zhang, D. Tateo, Snehal Jauhri Jan Peters and me. Check: https://lnkd.in/eEDqGGkW

5. “Learning Implicit Priors for Motion Optimization” by Alexander (Sasha) Lambert, An Thai LeJulen Urain de JesusByron BootsJan Peters and me. Check: https://lnkd.in/ebMqV6jD

6. “Monte-Carlo Robot Path Planning” by T. Dan Jan PetersJoni Pajarinen and me. Soon to be on arxiv…